Sid Kemp, PMP and expert in Emotional Intelligence for Business, combines the best of motivational speaking with practical tools for success. Sid delivers keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, and training programs to:

Success requires both motivation and tools. Sid provides motivation by applying the latest methods of emotional intelligence for business. Emotional Intelligence is cutting-edge psychological research that shows us how to use our whole brain and body to focus on a task, overcome resistance, and deliver great results. For each talk, Sid also provides tools that Get It Done Right! from beginning to end using best practices from project management, quality management, and successful leaders in your own industry.

Each speaking or consulting engagement is customized to the client and audience. Befoer the talk, Sid and his team will interview you to determine exactly where your audience is in terms of current skills, interests, and goals, and then desing a talk that takes everyone from where they are today to success. To book Sid, or to discuss your needs, contact us.